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Improving girls’ safety through sexual and reproductive health rights

RE-POST: Read on Hivos Website

When a 17-year-old girl in Zambia started a blog to discuss girls’ safety, she never imagined it would be read nearly 200,000 times in a few years. Esther Mwema started her blog to address the safety crisis she saw affecting girls. She soon found out she wasn’t alone. A global community grew rapidly around her blog, and in 2014 she registered Safety First for Girls (SAFIGI) as an official organization in Zambia.

Today, SAFIGI is a community run by more than 250 volunteers in some 50 countries. It is a partner of Hivos’ SRHR Fund in Southern Africa, which supports youth-led organizations in the region. Together we build the capacity of young people to champion adolescent sexual and health rights.


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